I Played ICRPG Part Two

Early Thursday morning, I played ICRPG, and here’s what happened. For those of you who may not have heard of ICRPG, it’s a tabletop roleplaying game created by Runehammer! ICRPG is very rules-light and built to be hacked into what you like. It provides excellent scaffolding for three different worlds to play in, each with its unique classes, loot, enemies, maps, and more. The rules are so small you can learn them in something like ten minutes. There’s even a quick start for free! Anyway, back to the story…

Here continues the tale of Veigr Oreheart, a stout and loyal Dwarf Warrior who embarked upon a manhunt for an escaped fugitive…

Hunt in Desolation

Veigr strapped on his arming jacket and the heavy plate mail atop it. This morning was important, Veigr was going on a manhunt. One of the most dangerous people in Alfheim, a fugitive from the infamous Reaver Fjords, was spotted traveling in Iradrum towards the Kinder Peaks. The Dwarven homelands had been destroyed a few short years before by Durathrax, who had made her nest in those mountains.

Now, a deadly gunslinger would be there as well, terrorizing the Dwarves who remained to fight Durathrax and killing the innocent. Blood on ancient stone, but this time Veigr Oreheart could do something about it. Along with Snark, a goblin, Elyn an Elf, and trusty Dash the Assassin, Veigr stepped through a gateway created by Uvash the Mage and arrived in a land he thought he may never see again.

We briefly gathered supplies and allies at a small town along the river. There, Snark recruited a boat captain to take us up river. The mountains were broken and crumbling; smoke rose from the fires Durathrax had set upon them. The once beautiful lands were a shadow of their former glory. We left the boat at the foot of the mountains and journeyed up towards a mining town.

The crack of a long-range rifle punctuated our journey, and Elyn stumbled blood appearing on his chest. While the others took cover, Veigr began to charge, but with another shot, our quarry fled into the town. We were in pursuit. The hunters cautiously entered the town, moving from cover to cover. Snark and Dash laid down covering fire, with Snark’s mortar shell badly wounding the gunslinger. He fled further up the mountain into a ruined temple.

Veigr leads the way, bravely charging into the temple and providing cover for his allies. Gunfire, spells, daggers, and arrows were thrown. Finally, Snark felled the Gunslinger with a powerful lightning bolt; burning the fugitive’s body to a charred crisp. It was not quite over, however. The Gunslinger rose as a wraith, a terrifying ghost of immense power. With his infernal magics, he turned our Dwarven ally against us, and smote Veigr where he stood.

There, in Iradrum, Veigr Oreheart fell.

To Veigr, a few short moments passed and he awoke as if from slumber. His eyes opened upon a strange world, full of cacti and sand. A few moments later, the gunslinger appeared as well. Veigr was drug into Ghost Mountain, perhaps this was not the end of his adventure?