I Played ICRPG Part Three

This past Monday, I played ICRPG, and here’s what happened. For those of you who may not have heard of ICRPG, it’s a tabletop roleplaying game created by Runehammer! ICRPG is very rules-light and built to be hacked into what you like. It provides excellent scaffolding for three different worlds to play in, each with its unique classes, loot, enemies, maps, and more. The rules are so small you can learn them in something like ten minutes. There’s even a quick start for free! Anyway, back to the story…

Vordrun Oreheart and the Bloody Greenway

Vordrun, full of grief for the death of his brother, entered the City of Grey. Vordrun was determined to find justice for his brother and finish the work he had started. He immediately signed up for the next hunt for an escaped fugitive of Reaver Fjords. With Snark, Flint the Bloodied a mage, Sten Drikk, and Ogbang a strange gerblin with a pig friend, Vordrun set out to the rumored hiding place of Bené Horncloak, a failed necromancer and mass murderer, in a region of the world called the Greenway.

We reached the small town where she was hiding without much trouble. Vordrun and Sten entered the town to the sight of a grisly murder in the tavern. Meanwhile, the gerblins and mage snuck around the borders of the town looking for our quarry. They quickly found some shape darting away from town. Together, we pursued using Flint’s imps to shadow the figure. Eventually, Ogbang’s pig discovered the sniffed out the creature’s hiding place: a crack in a tree. A strange eel creature attacked the pig, but Vordrun quickly dispatched it. Once the pig was healed by Sten, Snark lay ruin to the tree and tunnel with his blasting horn.

This was a red herring, our quarry must still lurk back in town. We encountered a unit of knights, responding to the murder at the tavern, on our return. They questioned us, at first, but Ogbang managed to convince them of our good intentions. One of the young knights led us to the ancestral Horncloak home, a mansion of sorts under a hill. We were immediately suspicious and carefully entered. Soon, it was apparent that the home was a setup. Oil and flame were set upon the walls, and Bené Horncloak dashed between us in the smoke.

Eventually, Ogbang caught her in a trap. Vordrun put fists into her face until she summoned dark powers of death to destroy him. The Dwarf stood tall, surviving her evil magics. Allies fell and were healed by Sten, until eventually, Ogbang ended the wicked necromancer’s life. We retrieved her body from the flames and saved one of her would-be victims. Snark had convinced the Knights to help us put out the flames, and soon we were on our way back to the City of Grey, another villain defeated. Another mark in Vordrun’s Tome of Grudges.