Summer at Camp Roanoke


Roanoke Island is home to a national park famous for summer camps and hiking. Hiding in those dense woods wait the most evil creatures imaginable. Terrible foes hunt the innocent hikers and campers that go a bit too far from the paths. You are members of a secret order who protect and fight the evil creatures of the forest. Track and fight supernatural beings like the Wendigo and wield powerful abilities in Summer at Camp Roanoke.

Summer at Camp Roanoke is a rules-light, pocket-sized RPG system that uses two six-sided dice. It is incredibly easy to pick up and run a game or create a character. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Four paths for heroes to choose: Order of Magic, Order of the Guardian, Order of the Stalker, Order of the Shaman.
  • 20+ Foes to fight, with rules for creating your own.
  • Over 55 unique items to discover and wield.
  • Super easy rules system.
  • About three pages of rules
  • A5-Sized

This RPG system was built and playtested in just two months as part of PocketQuest 2022! You can pick up Summer at Camp Roanoke Here!



Version 3.0:

  • Removed the blood tap spell, Hemostasis is now the only way to heal with blood magic.
  • Added Copy spell.
  • Clarification for Scholar of Lore: You only get a new spell when you get a subsequent power.
  • Weapon clarification: Ranged weapons can shoot up to far.
  • Power clarification: You cannot take powers more than once.
  • Blood Magic change: You cannot be healed on the same turn you use Blood Magic.
  • Herb Poultice and Berries require an action to consume.
  • Augur Clarification: Adding a result of 1-3, and ensuring the GM rolls the dice in secret.
  • Petrification Clarification: Minimum one turn of petrification.
  • Magical Marbles Clarification, you have to use an action to store the spell and the marble is destroyed upon use.
  • Patron Clarification: Refusing the patron may have consequences.
  • Style and consistency changes for game terms: bold and green color.

Version 2.0:

  • Updated the cover