Storms of Calethrax

One thousand years ago, a cabal of wizards convened to perform a ritual to reshape the world into a paradise. In their hubris, they failed and destroyed Calethrax’s climate, dooming the world. Now the survivors live in constant fear, fleeing from powerful, arcane storms that ravage the lands.

The Storms of Calethrax is a unique campaign setting for D&D 5e, OSR, or any other fantasy-based RPG. Calethrax is a world ravaged by powerful arcane storms that destroy nearly everything in its path. Trees are few, supplies are limited, and only two cities are protected from the storms. Here’s what you can expect from this book:

  • A completely unique campaign setting
  • Fifty detailed pages
  • Three maps
  • Five cities to explore
  • Over fifteen factions, with needs, goals, possessions, and NPCs.
  • Three brief planes of existence to explore
  • Multiple pages of rules and tables for how to use the arcane Storms
  • Rules for adventure hooks, dungeon creation, ruin creation, and more
  • Rules for creating player characters in this world called Stormchasers
  • And more!

Calethrax is a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world ravaged by sudden storms of a magical nature. Adventurers in this world are called Stormchasers due to their habit of following the storms and exploring the ancient ruins uncovered in the wake of destruction. This is a world of swords and spells, but you could easily add modern weaponry or SciFi elements to create a more strange and futuristic world.

This campaign setting is jam-packed with detail, easy-to-use tables, and designed to be simple to run a game in. Everything you need to know about a location should be right there; no flipping around in the book looking for something! We have also put great care into designing the world to be easily extensible or changed for your table. This book is merely a framework, an idea starter for you and your players to build upon. The details here-in should spark your imagination. The world of Calethrax is yours now.

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