Tomb of Kor


The Tomb of Kor is a short dungeon packed with traps, secrets, and treasure. Kor’s Tomb is intended to be a short adventure for low- to medium-level characters and is especially good at providing some opportunities for extra loot and creative problem-solving.

This adventure is suitable for any D20 type system and can be easily translated. At the end of the adventure is a list of magic items/treasures that can be found inside the Tomb. These items should be easily convertible if needed to your system of choice.

This is the first adventure in Sword and Tower Games’ “Pocket-Sized Adventures” series. These are A5-sized books, short in page count, but jam-packed with content. Perfect for one or two nights of gameplay, and designed to be run with minimal prep. Just grab a book, some dice, and go! These books are designed for any D20 dice system, but typically only a D20 and a D6 are needed to run the adventure.

You can pick up The Tomb of Kor Here!